About Us

Omegatech is a small, home-based technology website that was founded in 2019 and focused on only the best, safe, personally tested, software available on the internet. We have since spread out into writing guides to help people fix or improve their computers.

How we test for software:
1: We Google it and look into the software and company reputation. Sometimes we can eliminate a program right here.
2: If it passes step 1, then we need to scan it with multiple virus scanners using VirusTotal, for example.
3: Last is the most important and unique step at Omegatech for the software we're comfortable listing. We use VMWare Workstation to test the software safely. We want to see if it does what it promises, is fairly priced if shareware, and is worthy of a 4 star or better rating. 90% of the downloads here are not the developer's words, but our own description or review.
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