The Best Free Software for Linux Developers

Important Software for Linux Developers 

For FTP file transfer, FileZilla exists under GNU / Linux as well as under Windows. WSFTP is found in GNU / Linux: gftp in graphical mode, the command ftp, lftp or the very practical ncftp in text mode.

The GNU / Linux GetRight is called Downloader for X (d4x), or Getleft (only for sucking up websites). 

Important Software for Linux Developers

File sharing (peer to peer) also exists in Linux, which allows you to connect to networks:

- Gnutella, with Limewire (yes, the same as under windows, but still not free), Qtella or GTK Gnutella

- eDonkey, with the official client, but also the free mldonkey client, etc.

There are various software for downloading bittorent files, the most popular being KTorrent and qBittorrent.

Filezilla for linux, is an FTP client, that is to say a software allowing to connect to a server via the file transfer protocol. Free, open source and multiplatform, it is a benchmark and has nothing, or in any case not much, to envy the "big" payers such as Cyberduck, FlashFXP or BulletProof FTP Server.

FileZilla offers a free and easy-to-use FTP client that will allow both beginners and advanced users to connect remotely to a server in order to upload files.

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This application is particularly rich in features and supports drag and drop, SSL and SSH protocols and allows you to resume interrupted updates and downloads, including for large files (greater than 4 GB). Thanks to the integrated site manager, you can access more quickly the addresses to which you connect on a regular basis.

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Its features in Linux system:

 On the connectivity side, Filezilla offers support for FTP, FTPS (via SSL / TLS) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol); all in IPv4 and IPv6. The software is able to manage fast reconnections, transfer of files larger than 4 GB as well as resumption of downloads and uploads. Note that it is also possible to configure transfer speed limits.

An easy-to-use tool in Linux: 

If the Filezilla interface is not the most modern, it at least has the merit of allowing quick and easy access to the software's functionalities. We particularly like the site manager which allows, once the servers, usernames and passwords entered, to connect and barely two clicks.

Free Download FileZilla for Linux

Finally, the Filezilla FTP client has the good taste of being multilingual and available in French.

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