Affinity Designer 2021 vs Illustrator: which software is better for your creative projects in ubuntu?

Affinity Designer 2021 vs Illustrator: which is better for your creative projects in Ubuntu? 

The world's fastest, smoothest, and most accurate image editing software on the market, this essential app will revolutionize the way you work, whether you're editing and retouching images, creating complete layered compositions or shooting magnificent screen paintings.


Affinity Designer, powerful graphic design software that offers great creative freedom.
Affinity Designer is powerful graphic design software that offers great creative freedom. Its engine allows you to work on complex designs made up of hundreds of layers and thousands of objects while remaining fluid. It also offers a real-time preview of modifications, transformations, and blend modes before applying them.


The Affinity Designer workspace offers the ability to draw in vector or pixel mode, and switch between them with the click of a button. It also supports many color profiles such as RGB, Lab, CMYK, Pantaone, and ICC. Affinity Designer offers a full line of drawing tools as well as a wide variety of filters and effects (3D effect, bevel, emboss, blur, drop shadow, etc.). You can create an unlimited number of artboards with dimensions suitable for the target platforms of your project. You have the possibility to view all the screens of an application, and to easily export them in several resolutions.

You don't have to spend large amounts of money to download vector drawing software that delivers professional results. Affinity Designer is a multifunctional tool that allows you to work in the field of graphic design with a different purpose: advertising, artistic, web… Available now for Windows after having achieved a great acceptance among Mac users.

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Affinity vs Illustrator: which is better?


Faced with this kind of tool it is difficult to lean towards one or the other ... these are quite complex software were making the decision may depend on how well you have mastered each one. Become an artist with the best art software this Designer can be purchased at an affordable price as Adobe's hugely reputable and quality software enters the company's cloud plans. These are two very competent tools so that adobes is considered almost a standard among designers.


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