The Varonis Data Security Platform!

DatAlert is a solution that continuously monitors business data. The solution tracks unusual behavior and detects critical events that could penalize the business. The solution detects cyberthreats by analyzing data and all access to different user accounts.

Stopping Ransomware with DatAlert!!

👉 The solution creates a benchmark model that establishes the so-called "benchmark" activity in order to be able to perceive possible changes. A warning message is sent to those affected and informed of the facts at the right time.

The solution has a clear and precise interface which greatly facilitates threat detection.

The ergonomic dashboard offers great visibility and optimizes the management of risky situations. The right measures can be taken without taking a huge risk.

Ransomware and other malicious programs are detected and treated in a specific and timely manner.

👉 A clear, customizable and powerful dashboard:

DATALERT’s web-based user interface makes it much easier to detect threats to your data: who is behaving suspiciously, which datasets are at risk, and where your ransomware

vulnerabilities are.

The Varonis Data Security Platform!!

Thanks to this configurable web board, you can easily identify and prioritize risky situations such as open access, outdated data that is unnecessary to keep or sensitive data that is far too exposed.

Immediately, you are informed of any attack and how to find out more and take appropriate action.

Benefits of DatAlert:

•             Centralized visibility

•             User behavior analysis

•             Predictive threat model

Certifications: Provided by SCC

👉👉Continuously monitor your business data!!

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