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         ZoneAlarm ( RFEE) IS A FREE ANTIVIRUS,  Firewall manages and controls all incoming and outgoing traffic and protects you from hackers, malware and other online threats that endanger your privacy. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is essential to secure and protect your data and your PC.

        A firewall, a firewall or even a security barrier makes it possible to enforce the security policy of a network. ZoneAlarm is an essential firewall for ADSL and cable modem users to protect your system.

Main features:

  1. Security barrier: the main task of ZoneAlarm is to control traffic between different trusted zones (Internet). To do this, it filters all the data flows exchanged on the Internet and warns of threats.
  2. Automatic analysis: publishers have recently implemented an automatic analysis option for all downloads. This option allows you to detect all malicious files (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.) and prevent them from running.
  3. Other features: the software also makes it possible to detect fraudulent sites during data flows and makes the computer invisible to hackers. In the event of an attack, ZoneAlarm will directly report to you on the attacker's IP address and thus find its author.

       More: ZoneAlarm REVIEW

  • A dynamic firewall to control access to your computer and hide your PC on the Internet and against potential intruders.
  • There is a compatibility test during the download.
  • The interface is very intuitive.

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