Mozilla Thunderbird is a sophisticated Open-Source email program. It is light, extremely fast, simple to use and offers many advantages over competing programs.
With 25 million users, Thunderbird is the essential open source email client to install on your new PC. It allows you to write and send your emails in a few clicks, but also to easily manage your address book and automatically sort your emails.

       While the previous version offered a new management interface for extensions and add-ons and the integration of instant messaging, this new version mainly focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements.

       But that's not all since Mozilla Thunderbird consolidates its support for the Twitter API, for a display similar to that of the said site, incorporates a zoom function and allows you to ignore the conversation threads.
Best secure and easy messaging program.

How to install a calendar in Thunderbird Email, could help if the calendar has been disabled or removed?

      This free messaging software developed and distributed by the Mozilla foundation also benefits from Firefox Quantum and its new Photon design.

     Simple, practical and quicker to configure thanks to the new account creation wizard, all you have to do is enter your name, email address and password and Thunderbird will retrieve your IMAP, SMTP and SSL / TLS settings from your accounts.

     If the edition of Templates for new messages was already available in previous versions, the editor has been improved in the latest update, with the possibility of retrieving and saving a message as a template.
      Customizable with many themes and a rich and complete catalog of extensions, you can add interesting functionalities such as an agenda, a deferred message sending tool, multilingual dictionaries, protection or instant messaging extensions… In short , enough to make it an essential everyday working tool.
Updates are always done in the background, completely silently.
We just regret that it is not yet available for smartphones.
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