Coronavirus and influenza: is the mask an effective protection?

      In Asian countries, it is very common to see sick people wearing a surgical mask so as not to contaminate others. In France, this is not a natural reflex. However with the epidemic of coronavirus transmissible between humans, pharmacies in France are stormed. As demand is usually low, pharmacies do not stock masks and find themselves unable to meet demand.
   ⤿ Are paper or surgical masks really effective in protecting oneself from a respiratory virus?
§§Coronavirus: SAVE YOUR HEALTH§§
     ⤿Under what circumstances is wearing a surgical mask advisable?

        Paper masks act as a simple physical barrier but do not filter dust and pathogens from the air. According to Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health, wearing a paper mask is only effective for sick people and helps limit the spread of the virus. However, it insists on the fact that "today, there is no indication to buy masks for the French population".

        In addition, in France, wearing a paper mask is not justified for a healthy person and is not part of the preventive measures recommended by the Minister of Health. Their prevention can be justified in China, where it has been proven that households of people carrying the virus have not yet been identified.

       In conclusion, wearing a mask is essential for sick people and can be recommended in regions severely affected by the epidemic, but is neither useful nor effective for the rest of the population, underline the health authorities.
⤿What are the effective means of prevention against influenza?

       However, other reflexes to adopt during an epidemic are better able to protect the healthy population and limit the spread of the virus. Frequent hand washing with soap or with an alcoholic solution is recommended in the context of the coronavirus epidemic but also for all respiratory viruses including the flu.
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