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The Sims Mobile is the official mobile adaptation offered by EA to get you back into the world of the famous life simulation franchise. The Sims Mobile is inspired directly from the game The Sims 4 on PC, and more specifically the Legacy Challenge.

In The Sims Mobile, you're invited to create a unique personality for your Sims and their habitat. Build houses, have them interact with other Sims to build new relationships that will unlock rewards.
The Sims you imagine can be fully customized: clothes, hairstyles, accessories, add different personality traits to your characters and choose career goals for them. Build a house in which they can get everything they need. Personalize the interior design and unlock activities to evolve your characters.

In The Sims Mobile, you have the power to shape the families of your Sims over generations. So, once your Sims have reached their career goal, they will retire and you will be rewarded with legacies through which you can unlock hobbies and careers for the next generation. The career of an ancestor has a direct bearing on the future of the future generation.

Create a character: The character creation menu is one of the most successful seen on Android, it includes the customization of the head, body and style including clothing, hairstyle, makeup and any accessories.

Take your first steps in virtual life!

Build the ideal home: Besides doing anything and everything with its Sims, the game is excellent in construction. Indeed, it is possible to change the complete layout of the house, rooms, openings, decoration, furniture, everything goes and in several styles. Other places are also available such as workplaces like restaurant, fashion studio or cafe.

An atmosphere with little onions: Quality music, sound effects shovel and discussions still incomprehensible, this version Android does not derogate from the saga on PC.


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