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With Ninite you can have all your software at the latest version. The software runs in the background and you do not have to worry.

How much software do you have in your computer? Are they all updated? Do not worry anymore because you can now automate all these processes with a tool like Ninite that works in the background and always offers you the latest versions of all your software.

Download the latest version of Windows applications
Just start this software, which runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10, and choose from the list of apps you have installed. He will take care of checking, in the background, if you have or not the latest version, and download it and install it if necessary.

A convenient method to keep the computer always up to date.

What software can I install?
There are many kinds like browsers, email apps, image editing software, office suites ... Chrome, Nero, iTunes, Skype, WinRAR, AVG, Avast !, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive ... and the list goes on and on.

Without doubt, a perfect solution to keep your computer in perfect condition and save time.

The software has the following features:

Ø  He starts working right from the start.
Ø  It does not bother with options or choices.
Ø  It install the applications to the default configured location.
Ø  It ignores toolbars and additional installations.
Ø  It installs 64-bit versions in 64-bit systems.
Ø  He looks for the corresponding language of the system.
Ø  It installs only stable versions.
Ø  It avoids the reboot of the installers.
Ø  It downloads applications from official sites.
Ø  It checks digital signatures or hashes.

⇶⇶*Best download software after formatting your computer*

With Ninite, automate the download and installation of known software on your computer. The Ninite interface offers a list of several programs gathered and divided into different categories: multimedia, browsers, office automation etc. Just click on the program you want to download. Ninite will then download and install the latest version online without any toolbar, icons or other gadgets. Finally, note that only Windows and Linux software are listed including the ability to submit software ideas to complete the already existing list.

One of the 10 most installed software of the world for the year 2018.

How to use it ?

1-      Just go to the Site. You can then check the applications you want to install on your computer.
Ninite will generate an installer with all the applications previously selected by including the most recent versions. Then click on "Get you Ninite" to download the installer.
1-      Download and run your custom installer.
Ninite PRO will have the advantage of managing a whole computer park at once. You will be able to deploy an apps on all computers or create deployment rules.
Ninite will turn and do the installations in the background without interrupting the user.

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