MATLAB For Linux Free Download


MATLAB ("matrix laboratory") is a scripting language emulated by a development environment of the same name; it is used for numerical calculation purposes. Developed by The MathWorks, MATLAB allows you to:

1.       Manipulate matrices,
2.       Display curves and data of several types,
3.       Implement algorithms,
4.       Create user interfaces, and can interface with other languages such as C, C ++, Java, and Fortran.
MATLAB users (about 4 million in 2019) is increasing, are from very different backgrounds like engineering, science and economics in an industrial as well as research context. MATLAB can be used alone or with toolboxes ("toolbox").
MATLAB can be used by beginners and advanced!
  • Millions of engineers and scientists trust MATLAB:

MATLAB combines a desktop environment, designed for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that directly expresses mathematics in the form of tables and matrices.
  • Advised by experts:

MATLAB toolboxes are developed by professionals, rigorously tested and fully documented.
  • With interactive applications:

MATLAB applications allow you to test different algorithms on your data. Iterate until you get the expected results, then automatically generate a MATLAB program to reproduce or automate your work.
  • The ability to scale:

Run your analyzes on clusters, GPUs and on the Cloud with minimal code changes. You don't need to rewrite your code or become familiar with Big Data programming or out of memory techniques.

It is also possible to use MATLAB under Linux system!

You can find introductory courses on youtube for beginners and also for advanced!
you are an engineer, student, researcher, you work in the industrial sector, then you need to MATLAB.

MATLAB is a data processing and analysis tool capable of producing better results, because of its simplicity and profitability, as easy to use.

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