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Hitman Pro 

Hitman Pro has absolutely nothing to do with the game of the same name. It is in fact an anti-spyware whose particularity is to automate the execution of the most known anti-spyware (Spywareblaster, SpybotSearch and Destroy,….)

HitmanPRO is an unusual anti-virus?

The software is in Dutch but the use is so obvious that it is not useful to know this language. You just have to launch the software and wait. You will then see each of the software launch, update, activate options automatically and delete the spyware it detects. It is therefore better to avoid touching keyboard and mouse during this period in order to avoid the automation script being disturbed.

At the end of the execution, the software displays a report in the form of an HTML page which details the spyware detected and removed by each software.

Hitman Pro is a spyware and malware removal application. Launch the software and do not touch anything anymore: all actions are automated. All spyware found is eradicated at the end of the process. The originality of Hitman Pro is that it is able to work in harmony with all other anti-spyware and anti-virus software. He installs some of them, updates them and launches them. Note that the interface is basically in Dutch, but you can choose to display it in English.

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