Google Chrome For Linux

Chromium is a web browser which was created in 2008 and which is the basis of several other browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Comodo Dragon or Yandex Browser.
What's the Difference? - Google Chrome vs Chromium.

Chromium is a free web browser which is the basis for several other browsers, some of which are open-source (Iridium…) or certain owners (Vivaldi, Google Chrome…).
Chromium's rendering engine is called Blink. Google replaced the WebKit rendering engine with Blink since April 2013. It would make the browser more stable and lighter. It is compatible with GNU / Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, which makes Chromium a cross-platform browser.
Chrome extensions also work with Chromium.
How To Fully Remove "Chromium" Malware?

On the same principle, the Chromium OS free operating system project is a project compatible with Google Chrome OS.

To generate Google Chrome, Google uses the Chromium source code and adds the following features:

  • change of logo and addition of mention of Google;
  • added an automatic update system called GoogleUpdate;
  • added an option for users to send usage statistics and error reports to Google;
  • addition, in certain cases, of tracking functionalities called RLZ tracking (en);
  • added support for proprietary AAC and MP3 codecs (Chromium supports only free Vorbis, Theora and WebM codecs by default);
  • default integration of Flash Player;
  • integration of an internal PDF reader in the browser;
  • addition of a printing and print preview system.

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