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      More familiar to Mac users, Disk Drill now has a version for computers running Windows. Entirely free, Disk Drill allows you to scan and recover deleted data on almost any storage device, whether it's an internal or external hard drive, a USB flash drive, a memory card or even an iPod.

      Disk Drill is a program for recovering accidentally deleted documents from your computer or any other mass storage device (USB key). It is available for free for all Windows users.


       The software has several data recovery algorithms and turns out to be very easy to use. One click is enough to start the analysis of your storage devices that can be formatted in FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS +, EXT2 / 3/4 it supports. Even if the lost data was on an old reformatted partition, Disk Drill is able to find it by finding the map of your old partition and rebuilding it so you can recover your files.

       Disk Drill protects your computer against potential future data loss through the Recovery Vault feature which keeps track of all deleted files for easier retrieval of missing data.

Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac/Windows!
?? Cómo recuperar archivos borrados en PC | Mac | Windows?
  • Free and easy to use software,
  • Disk Drill Supports more than 200 file types.

  • In-depth research can be a bit slow compared to other software.

The operation of Disk Drill:

       The software can restore data from a hard disk or a USB key. It supports no less than 200 different file formats for maximum efficiency. Whether it's a DOC, PDF, JPG, EXE or RAR file, Disk Drill is able to restore it for you.
       Before starting the scan, select the disk you want to search on, just like an antivirus scan. Then you have the choice between a normal, fast or thorough analysis. The duration of the treatment will depend on your choice. Of course, in-depth research will be more effective, but much longer than the fast.

If the analysis done by Disk Drill can seem long, know that the results will delight you. Indeed, this application can even recover deleted files from your hard drive for over one year.

      It may happen that we format our hard drive after a malfunction of the operating system. Sometimes, it is the antivirus that removes important files deemed dangerous. When the deleted file is no longer in the trash, it becomes difficult to retrieve it without a specialized tool. If you are in one of these situations, Disk Drill is the answer to your problem. It analyzes for free your hard drive, displays, and allows to recover all deleted files and folders.

                                                                            (For MAC)
Main features:

    Scan: This software has a scan option to search for accidentally deleted files in a hard drive or USB drive. It lists the results to allow the user to select the file he wants to recover.

    Preview: Disk Drill includes a tool for previewing the recovered files. This allows the user to make sure that it is the one he wants to recover before starting the process.

    Recovery: Disk Drill is able to restore files from any type of storage device. It supports any type of FAT or NTFS hard drive and removable media like USB sticks.

    Divisions: This software also consists of options to create new partitions on the hard drive. It offers the possibility to recover the data stored in a faulty device to save them on another functional partition.

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Use Disk Drill For Windows To Recover Lost Data From Hard Disk,Memory Card,USB,External Hard Disk.

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