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Calligra Suite is an office suite released under the free GNU GPL and LGPL licenses. It comes from a fork of KOffice, following a disagreement between the developers at the end of 2010, coinciding with the move of the Subversion repository from KDE to git. On this occasion, the Krita drawing software and the Kexi database had not been transferred. From now on, both projects are developed separately.

Components :

Calligra Suite includes many components, which can be used individually, including:
  • a word processor: Calligra Words
  • a spreadsheet: Calligra Sheets (en)
  • a presentation software: Calligra Stage (en)
  • project management software: Plan
  • diagramming software: Calligra Flow
  • an advanced drawing software: Krita
  • database management software: Kexi
  • a vector drawing tool: Karbon
  • a mind mapping tool: Braindump
  • a tool for creating ebooks: Author

These applications can be used as independent applications or integrated into a single interface.

The office suite Calligra took over from KOffice in December 2010. It therefore resumes the development of the same applications qt within the KDE community:
  • KOffice 2.3: latest version in official repositories
  • Calligra Suite 2.4: first version of the suite with the new names for the original applications

The logic of this name change is to emphasize that the suite is not limited to classic office applications (Office: word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, database) but also creativity-oriented applications (Drawing, Author).

Office applications:

  • Words: Word Processing; rewrite the KOffice KWord application
  • Tables: Spreadsheet, formerly KSpread
  • Internship: Presentations, formerly KPresenter
  • Flow: Organization Chart Hierarchy, formerly Kivio
  • Kexi: Databases

Management applications:

  • Plan: Project Management, formerly KPlato
  • Braindump: Notebook to organize ideas graphically = Mindmap

(Word For Linux)

Graphics Applications:
  • Krita: Drawing Application in Multi-Layer Mode for Pixelated Images
  • Karbon: Drawing Application in Multi-Layer Mode for Vectorized Images
  • Calligra Author was added to this list when it released version 2.6. Dedicated to the composition of books, its first versions bring only a few features of export in ebook format additional to Words on which it is based.

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