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Avidemux is a free linear video editing software, similar to VirtualDub, for GNU / Linux, MacOS X and Windows operating systems. It is distributed under GNU GPL v2 and is included in the 2018 list of free software recommended by the State as part of its modernization.

Avidemux allows a beginner to edit a video and then encode or transcode it into the main available video formats.
Avidemux offers an open source and multi-platform video editor for aficionados of encoding and format conversion. It allows the cutting of video sequences, the application of filters and encoding. Avidemux supports many video containers, including AVI, Mpeg-2, MP4, MKV or ASF files. Tasks can be automated with projects, the queue, and the ability to create scripts. Optimized multicore, Avidemux included the most popular codecs, including AVC via x264 for video and AAC for sound, ideal for converting videos in view of importing them on its mobile devices like the iPod or the iPhone.

  • The software is multilingual including French.
  • This software is lightweight and consumes very little memory resources.
  • A simple and user-friendly interface adapted to novices.
  • The download of this software is free.
  1. Montage rapide avec avidemux (French) ⇨ Editing video with Avidemux
  2. Add audio to video (or replace it) in Avidemux. ⇒ Ajoutez de l'audio à la vidéo (ou remplacez-le) dans Avidemux.
  3. 7 Meilleurs Logiciels de Montage GRATUITS pour Débuter en 2020 ⇒ 7 Best FREE Editing Software for Getting Started in 2020.
  4. Joining multiple videos together using avidemux ⇒ Joindre plusieurs vidéos ensemble à l'aide d'avidemux.

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Avidemux: How to split (trim) video files quick and easy (mac)

Avidemux video editor .
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