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Protected Folder

Protected Folder acts as a safe for your files and folders. A password prevents anyone from opening them. You can insert new documents and directories by simply dragging and dropping, or by right-clicking. Once protected and blocked, your files can not be opened, read or even deleted. In the Protected Folder options, you can hide protected documents, change the language, add items to the exclusion list, and so on.

A good way to prevent someone from accessing your files is to protect them with a password. In this way you prevent someone from manipulating the contents of your files. Protected Folder is a program that deals precisely with this goal, more and more important now that the confidentiality always seems in danger.
Protected Folder provides an easy-to-use interface to add your personal data in one click. Note that this is a free trial version that limits to 20 the number of locked files and folders.

How to protect a folder with a password?

Windows includes a system for putting passwords to folders but the use of this software is within the reach of any user. To protect the folders you have to drag and drop them onto the Protected Folder interface.
How does Protected Folder work?
After installation, you can set the password that gives access to your folders. This password can be changed on the options of the application. You can also define if the protection of the file implies its occultation, as much for the Explorer of Windows as for other software, to the impossibility of reading and writing the contents.
You also have an exclusion list or some appearance options.

Ø  Lock access to confidential and important files and folders. You will be able to protect yourself from loss, theft and data leakage.
Ø  you'll be able to add your folders and files on the fly with a simple drag-and-drop.
Ø  the data protected by the software is hidden in Windows Explorer by Default,
Ø  you will be able to configure the behavior of your protected data
Ø  show or hide in the explorer and allow or not their read and write access
Ø  Protected Folder provides an easy-to-use interface to add your personal data easy.
How to install Protected Folder?

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